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When your special and precious car breaks down and requires to be towed to any service station, our flatbed towing truck is able to provide greater peace of spirit and mind so that your car would not sustain tear and wear or wear and tear when getting towed to the safety. With TOWINGUP, you are possible to make a request of a flat bed tow for the vehicle of yours 24/7, in order to better protect the heavy-duty car, vintage car, truck or performance car.


A number of tow truck providers utilize both a flatbed and dolly tow truck. The second one is agile and inexpensive; hence, the providers frequently favor it when they are in need of getting the motorist stranded on a highway shoulder. It is such a pity that dolly trucks go through wear and tear on to a car which is attached. When a tow truck driver passes over a pothole, the vehicle of yours might get out of alignment. Therefore, it is worth to be highlighted that flat bed tow trucks securely and safely tow vehicles. That means that they are the best variant for your a vintage car, special car, truck or SUV.


There is a tradition that motorists who are in need might be at the mercy of the closest tow service provider which is available to reach them to their aid. They might be able to make a request of a flatbed tow, however, that message can get lost in the process of transmitting from a dispatch to a towing truck. TOWINGUP eliminates the middleman and sends your message straight forward to the affiliates that are the nearest to your vehicle. They will see exactly your specific information and are able to dispatch the proper type of help.

Utilize TOWINGUP to request roadside assistance services each time you need, everywhere you need, directly from your laptop or smart phone. All you have to do is to open the app, text your location and your exact need like, for example, "flatbed towing service." Only few minutes might pass when a flatbed tow company would call you directly just to confirm that necessary assistance is on its way and make you be aware about time to expect help to arrive. In the most parts of the country, TOWINGUP can get a tow to your vehicle within 15 to 30 minutes starting from the moment you made a call.


Opposite to a roadside assistance club, TOWINGUP will not charge you in advance for the service which you might not need. TOWINGUP only might charge you if you request the service. Our rates vary according to the level of service needed, however, assistance starts from $49. Each time you utilize TOWINGUP, you will be possible to see the "guaranteed and promised not to exceed" price quote, consequently, you would be aware of what to expect and wait for. You will not have to tip the driver, pay taxes or haggle over the unanticipated difference in the cost. Even if you have been gouged before by the un precise tow truck driver who stated that there was some special "late night fee", you will enjoy the transparency of price that TOWINGUP offers. When you place the premium on the car of yours, is not it the exact time for you to be sure that your roadside assistance will definitely protect and keep your car with the degree of assistance it truly deserves? Try TOWINGUP now to get help quicker in time of an emergency and be ensured that the car does not have an unwanted damage during the tow.

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