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In Tuscaloosa, it is possible that I-59 traffic backups might delay roadside assistance, and also, leave the local drivers stranded. Thanks to TOWINGUP, more options for the towing services are able to help a person get out of the jam faster with affordable, reliable Tuscaloosa roadside assistance. Just learn more concerning how we may help you.


TOWINGUP provides the roadside service in Tuscaloosa from the nationwide network of more than 45,000 tow truck providers. If you have TOWINGUP on your laptop or mobile device, you are going to receive emergency service quickly and transparently, consequently, you are able to get back to life. TOWINGUP app is 100 percent free of charge and will connect you to affordable, transparent roadside services across Tuscaloosa.

In the vast majority of parts of Alabama, we are possible to get the tow truck to you quicker than comparable roadside service options. A lot of drivers just wait 30 minutes for the towing assistance from our partners.

If you decide to access our on-demand tow truck assistance, simply open the TOWINGUP app, type your data and location, and then request help. Within a few minutes, the licensed tow operator is supposed to text or call you back to confirm the assistance and make you be aware when the help should arrive. In addition, we will let you know what the maximum charge you should pay for our service is, hence, you will know exactly how much you are meant to pay for receiving assistance. There is no tipping and no tax required, hence, we can maintain the transparency for roadside assistance. Since the prices are set in advance there is also no haggling with the mechanics over the service charges.


TOWINGUP charges for tow assistance by the amount of service needed. No matter what you need: a tire change or a tow, you are going to see the rate quote. With TOWINGUP charges start at $49. You will not be charged until you require services, in comparison with roadside service clubs which charge all their clients up-front, regardless of the need for the assistance.TOWINGUP is reliable and provides guaranteed service, and also, connects with the necessary towing providers 24/7. Opposite to independent tow companies that might jack up their rates whether you request the midnight tow outside the Tuscaloosa area, we are here to protect you when you need it the most.


TOWINGUP is the ideal solution for working professionals, busy students, or families. Our clients may even install the app on the multiple devices. That is possible to allow all drivers in your household to share common TOWINGUP plan and be safe on a road.

Get TOWINGUP today so as to enjoy the greatest peace of spirit and mind while driving through the Tuscaloosa area so that you are able to stay safe whenever and wherever you go. Together with 45,000 tow truck partners which are nationwide, we are here so as to protect you whether you are in Alaska or Alabama.

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