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Miami is home to one of USA worst traffic, which makes it stressful for motorists and drivers who get stranded on I-95 or I-395 highways. Thanks to TOWINGUP, drivers now have access to reliable 24/7 tow truck services. You can learn how TOWINGUP can come to your aid whenever you need roadside assistance and towing services.


TOWINGUP is an application that can be downloaded for free as it connect drivers who are in need to emergency tow truck providers. When you download the TOWINGUP app, there are no fees attached until you need our services and you can pay on demand. When you break down anywhere in Miami, TOWINGUP is the perfect way to get roadside assistance on the go as you do not have to pay for extra services that you may not need when the need arises.

TOWINGUP can be shared among family members with one account linked to a credit card. University of Miami students can benefit from this initiative as they can link their family credit card with their private account, so parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are protected in case of vehicular emergency.

It is very easy to use the TOWINGUP app as you can request help on the go. All you have to do is open the TOWINGUP app and request for help or click the “Order Help Now” button and describe the service you need. The information will be disseminated to our partners that are close to you. You will receive a instant call from a towing service within minutes of your emergency request. In many scenarios, our users can access emergency roadside assistance in just 30 minutes compared to membership clubs where it takes several hours to get a tow truck on the scene. TOWINGUP is the right choice for busy residents.


Our service charges in Miami start at just $49 and change according to your particular need. We always ensure we send the assistance you request for making your overall costs remain low. TOWINGUP offers transparency and simplicity in estimates for service rendered compared to other roadside assistance providers who charge hefty towing costs when all you requested was an emergency jump start.

Any time you use TOWINGUP, we would prepare a service estimate that shows the maximum amount of money you would be charged for emergency vehicle services. This process is unique as you would remain updated about every charges associated with your service request and you would not have to worry about tow truck drivers overcharging you.


In the most frustrating scenarios when your fuel gauge malfunctions and you run out of gas in the process, you can count on us as our tow truck drivers can come to your rescue in less time. When you are locked out of your car or you run out of gas, just contact TOWINGUP for help as we guarantee you quick response whenever you are stranded. We treat all of our customers fairly and with respect. That is why our customers give us excellent reviews.


It is easy to share TOWINGUP with roommates, friends, or family members. TOWINGUP is tethered to a device, not a vehicle. Users can also request services on behalf of a driver and use the same app to get service when traveling outside of Miami. As we are not an average towing company, Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you get extraordinary service, value and care whenever you work with us. You can be rest assured when you call TOWINGUP that you will speak with a customer care respondent who would provide the best service estimate and direct you to a tow truck driver who would reach your location within minutes of your request. Our Towing Specialist will call you in-route so that you are rest assured that help is coming and when they will reach you.

If you want a reliable roadside assistance in Miami with affordable rates for quick and guaranteed service, Download TOWINGUP today and request for help when you need one.

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